PC-640C | Seacole


PC-640C is a carbonate based, liquid developer concentrate formulated with an advanced cleaner package for developing fully or semi aqueous dry films and/or liquid photo imagable solder masks. PC-640C contains a chemical stabilizer and cleaner package. Unlike conventional stabilizers, the PC-Series stabilizers do significantly increase the pH of the solution, and thus can be employed at concentrations high enough to obtain 15-20% more throughput through the same volume of chemistry.

This economical concentrate can also be employed in manual or automated replenishment systems. When used in combination with Seacole’s PC-AUTO/Controller and Dosing Device, the PC-Series Developer baths may be operated for 4-20 weeks continuously and without dumping (depending upon throughput). The PC-AUTO/Controller will automatically make additions of developer concentrate and water, maintaining the pH at +/-0.02 pH units and the carbonate concentration at +/-0.03% by weight, resulting in predictable developing quality without adjusting the conveyor speed.

Performance Features

  • PC-640C is compatible with virtually all type of aqueous and semi aqueous dry films and LPI solder masks.
  • PC-640C is stabilized, improving process consistency and improving bath life up to 20%.
  • PC-640C is formulated with an advanced cleaner package inhibiting the redepostion of contaminants.