Bill's Bug Blaster Windshield Cleaner

Get Those Bugs off Your Vehicle’s Exterior Surfaces

Bill's Bug Blaster Windshield Cleaner

You’re cruising down the freeway when suddenly—SPLAT!—a bug the size of Rhode Island hits your windshield. Bugs on your windshield, grill, and other parts of your vehicle are a part of life during the summer, but they can do major damage to your vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Here’s why bugs are so difficult to remove and a product that can take the pain out of bug removal.

The Juicy Truth about Sticky Bugs

There are a few reasons bugs are so difficult to remove from your vehicle’s exterior, even when you run it through the car wash a few times or apply ample elbow grease. Hitting bugs at highway speeds implants them into your vehicle’s exterior. The hot summer sun essentially bakes bugs onto your vehicle, whether you’re on the road or your vehicle is sitting in parking lot all day.

As bugs decompose, they produce acidic enzymes that do major damage to the paint on your vehicle’s exterior. When you go to remove the bugs at this stage, it can be difficult to remove bug carcasses without removing a bit of paint, too. If you’re successful at removing the bugs while leaving the paint intact, chances are the carcass has discolored the paint.

Bill’s Bug Blaster Gets the Job Done

Bug carcasses are impervious to car wash detergents or windshield sprays because those products aren’t formulated to dissolve the acidic enzymes decomposing bugs produce. To remove hardened on bugs, bird droppings, tree sap, and even road tar, you need a spray that’s formulated to break these substances down before you wash your vehicle or wipe down your windshield.

Bill’s Bug Blaster is designed to attack, break down, and soften the proteins in bugs and bird droppings. It’s safe and effective for use on any vehicle that reaches high speeds or sits out in the sun, from commuter cars and motorcycles to RVs and airplanes.

Simply spray Bill’s Bug Blaster on affected areas and let sit for a few minutes before washing your vehicle as usual. It does a great job of removing or loosening bugs and other sticky dirt so it can be washed away, even bugs and other grime that’s been baked on over days in the sun.

Since Bill’s Bug Blaster is not oil-based, it is safe for use on glass and Plexiglas windshields and won’t leave behind a streaky residue. Just remember to rinse it off before it dries or you give your car a wash. Bill’s Bug Blaster won’t damage your vehicle’s paint or chrome or dull its finish.

Let this summer be the first one where your vehicle doesn’t become a bug graveyard. Contact Seacole to order your bottle of Bill’s Bug Blaster today.

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Paula Anderson Seacole Industrial Cleaning

Meet Paula Anderson, Seacole Industrial Cleaning New Business Development Manager

Paula Anderson Seacole Industrial Cleaning

We had a chance this month to catch up with industrial cleaning new business development manager Paula Anderson. Paula helps our customers understand their industrial cleaning challenges and find Seacole products that will be effective solutions. Take a moment to get to know Paula!

What is your role at Seacole?

I’m the new business development manager for industrial cleaning chemistries.

What industrial cleaning industry trends are you seeing this year?

Many of Seacole’s competitors seem to be adding colors and fragrances to their products to gain an edge with their customers. Unfortunately for those customers, these additives do not add to the cleaning ability of the products. They only add to the cost of the product. Educating customers about the expectations they should have for their chemistries is becoming more important each day.

What advice would you give people in your field?

Be honest with your customers about what your product can and cannot clean.

What is your favorite Seacole product?

Living on a farm, I really like Seacole’s NOR Deodorant odor control spray for ELIMINATING odors in our muck boots and tennis shoes, and our Fresh Again® Laundry Detergent is great for getting out tough-to-remove livestock soils and odors.

Total cleaner is a great general purpose cleaner for spray-washing equipment, shop floors, and metal building exteriors.

What’s the first thing you do when you get to work?

Turn on the lights!

Do you have a secret for staying productive?

Good earbuds and a lot of great music.

Before starting your career, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

I was a production control supervisor for one of Donaldson Company’s third-party factories located inside Miami Correctional Facility, a maximum-security prison in Indiana. I had to do an on-site inventory with two coworkers. Spending two days on the “inside” was eye opening to say the least. You learn to appreciate all the personal freedoms we have each day—you don’t ever want to lose those!

What is something you can’t live without?

My husband, my kids, and my dog.

Paula’s Motto:

“Life is a shipwreck, but we must not forget to sing in the lifeboats.” Voltaire

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Farm equipment pressure washing

Optimize the Performance and Protect the Appearance of Your Modern Farm Equipment

Farm equipment pressure washingClean farm equipment not only looks great, it works more efficiently and is less prone to rust and other deterioration. Pressure washing is an effective way to keep your agricultural equipment in good working order.

The number of times a piece of equipment is washed, called “wash frequency,” correlates with the amount of time it takes to clean it. By washing faster and with less effort, you’ll be more inclined to wash more frequently. This will prolong the life of your equipment and will increase the chances you’ll get more money when you sell or trade in your equipment. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your farm equipment with environmentally safe Seacole products.

Pressure Washing Hard-to-Reach Areas and Challenging Residues

First, set your pressure washer on a low pressure setting so the water and detergent soak your equipment instead of splashing away. Start spraying your equipment from the lowest point on the machinery and work your way up to avoid streaking and drying. As you spray, apply plenty of detergent so all the surface dirt is washed away. Then, let the solution sit on your equipment for 5 to 10 minutes so it can dissolve the debris.

After letting the detergent sit for 5 to 10 minutes, it’s time turn up the pressure. Set your washer to a high pressure setting to remove the dirt the detergent has dissolved. Once you’ve sprayed the equipment on a high pressure setting, it’s time to rinse away the dirt and detergent. This time, start at the top of your equipment and work your way down, using plenty of water to flush away the grime.

Applying soap and rinsing it off with a pressure washer allows soap to get into areas that are otherwise unreachable by brush or hand washing. This makes pressure washing ideal for wheel wells, between wheels, and in pulley compartments. Soaping and rinsing with a pressure washer instead of a brush allows greater surface areas to be covered in a shorter amount of time, allowing more farm equipment to be washed overall.

Plant residue and animal fecal matter can be very difficult to remove unless you use harsh cleaners or a lot of elbow grease. With the methods we describe above, these soils come off with ease and you won’t need to invest extra time or attention.

Seacole has formulations to help the agriculture Industry optimize the performance and protect the appearance of these capital investments with OEM Service Professionals, Rebuilders, and Farmers in mind.

OEM Service Professionals

Original equipment manufacturers (OEM) service professionals have to diagnose problems and repair farm equipment as quickly as possible. Seacole’s spray and wipe degreaser, Break, is designed to allow service techs to quickly and thoroughly clean a specific area. This can prevent a complete tear down of the equipment, saving valuable time (and money) for the customer.

Once the problem parts are disassembled, mechanics can use Seacole’s full line of spray wash chemistries in cabinet, agi-lift, or conveyor washers. Our 14EX is the industry-leading chemistry for precision parts cleaning. It can be paired with a series of defoamers, Turbo Charge (for carbon removal), and proprietary rust inhibitors for a complete cleaning and protection package.

Equipment Rebuilders

Equipment rebuilders refurbish machinery components on a mass scale as an alternative to purchasing expensive components from the original equipment manufacturers. Seacole supports these service providers with complex solutions for removing carbon deposits, dirt, oil, and even paint from these parts. Our Spraydet line of detergents has a series of formulations to work with aluminum, ferrous metals, plastics, and electrical components (motors). Seacole’s Rust Inhibitor products protect these parts from corrosion while they await their next life on the farm.


Farmers not only take pride in feeding the world’s population, they also love to take pride in their equipment and facilities. Whatever color of equipment you own: green, red, yellow, or blue, Seacole has the chemistries to keep them clean, protected, and looking their best. Our Total Cleaner is an all-purpose, concentrated liquid perfect for pressure washing equipment, steel buildings, shop floors, and parking pads.

Got bugs? No matter how many grasshoppers smashed into the front of the tractor, Bill’s Bug Blaster can help dissolve them. It was originally designed for Plexiglass airplane windshields without fogging.  Use it for the crop-duster, UTV, ATV, motorcycle, or boat windshields. It will also work on glass, but must be rinsed off before it dries!

Why does Seacole know so much about pressure washing farm equipment? We’ve supported the industry for decades with detergents, degreasers, and industrial cleaners for use in pressure washers and other spray equipment. Contact the experts at Seacole today to find the detergent and degreaser that’s best for your equipment.

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