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Happy Anniversary, Seacole!

Did you know that Seacole is celebrating its 15-year anniversary? It’s true! In 2002, our CEO and owner Gregg Elliott founded Seacole and acquired Circuit Research Corporation (CRC) to offer exceptional chemical solutions for surface finishers and printed circuit board manufacturers. Here’s a look at our work over the past 15 years and a sneak peek at the exciting things happening at Seacole in 2018.

The First Five Years: 2002-2007

After founding Seacole, Gregg Elliott acquired his first company, CRC, to build a powerful chemical manufacturing and distribution organization. Over the next five years, Seacole-CRC expanded its offerings to include chemistries for metal finishing, semiconductor fabrication, lab analysis, personal care, and food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In 2007, Seacole-CRC purchased C&H Chemical to expand Seacole’s industrial cleaning offerings and reach national clients including Northwest Airlines and Burlington Northern Railroad. We also expanded our custom blending capabilities to serve more customers.

A Move to Plymouth

By 2009, it had become apparent that we could improve our efficiency and productivity by consolidating our two locations down to one. That year, Seacole-CRC moved into a new building in Plymouth, Minnesota, just west of Minneapolis. This remains our facility today, and houses both our sales and office staff and our warehouse and production team.

Earning ISO Certification

In 2015, Seacole became ISO 9001:2008 certified. The certification process helped us create and implement business operations systems that keep our processes efficient and productive. Being ISO certified is a badge of honor and tells potential customers that Seacole’s one of the best-run chemical manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

A Look at What’s Ahead for 2018

This year, we look forward to starting the process to update our ISO certification to the 9001:2015 guidelines. This February, we’ll attend the IPC Apex Expo in San Diego to learn all about the latest technologies and innovations in the printed circuit board industry. You’ll see us in June for the NASF SUR/FIN® conference in Cleveland.

As always, we’ll continue to partner with the most trusted chemical manufacturers to provide our customers the surface finishing, printed circuit board, and industrial cleaning solutions they need to keep their own facilities working optimally. If you have a specific challenge you need to solve in 2018, contact the Seacole team today.