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ACTI/Plate DM-40 Pre-Dip

ACTI/Plate DM-40 Pre-Dip (DM-40) is an aqueous solution containing the exact chemical components contained in the ACTI/Plate DM-50 Catalyst, less the palladium colloid. DM-40 serves to condition the hole wall surface prior to catalyst application, and promotes excellent absorption of the palladium colloid. Additionally, the DM-40 bath minimizes potential contamination and/or water dilution of the catalyst bath by assuring solution drag-in is identical in composition to the DM-50 Catalyst matrix.

Performance Features

  • ACTI/Plate DM-40, when used properly, minimizes contamination of the DM-50 catalyst bath.
  • ACTI/Plate DM-40 is an acid free formulation, reducing equipment wear and improving ease of use.
  • ACTI/Plate DM-40 is provided as a ready to use single component comprising 100% of the Pre-dip make-up and 95% of the DM-50 catalyst make-up.


ACTI/Plate DM-40 Pre-Dip