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AUTO/Prep HS-110S

AUTO/Prep HS-110S is the first step in the AUTO/Prep desmear-etchback process designed to remove resin smear, expose interconnects, and at the same time optimize the surface topography of the dielectric for eventual electroless copper deposition. AUTO/Prep HS-110S softens the dielectric, enhancing the uniformity and topography of permanganate desmear-etchback. AUTO/Prep HS-110S features process flexibility, long solution life, ease of operation, and is recyclable.

Performance Features

  • AUTO/Prep HS-110S can be operated at 50-100% by volume depending upon the desired rate and depth of desmear and/or etchback offering flexibility and economy.
  • AUTO/Prep HS-110S is safe, non toxic, biodegradable, pH neutral, and recyclable when spent.
  • AUTO/Prep HS-110S offers long solution life and minimal operator maintenance for ease of use.
  • AUTO/Prep HS-110S will yield excellent hole wall topography when used in conjunction with AUTO/Prep DS-2, improving electroless copper deposition and adhesion on most dielectrics.
  • AUTO/Prep HS-110S exhibits very low surface tension, ensuring small hole wetting and penetration, thus enhancing the permanganate desmear-etchback process.
  • AUTO/Prep HS-110S is suitable for use with most dielectrics.


AUTO/Prep HS-110S