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Hubbard Hall Black Magic Infusion

A hot black oxide process for steel, Black Magic™ Infusion converts outer micron of steel to black oxide passive phase for corrosion protection acting as a micro layer to hold corrosion inhibitors and oils.

Black Magic™ Infusion is the new standard against which all other black processes will be compared for performance and quality. This formulation contains a unique blend of activators, rectifiers, catalysts, and penetrants designed to produce the darkest black available. Black Magic™ Infusion’s unique formulation also allows the user to decrease the immersion without a sacrifice in quality. In fact, Black Magic™ Infusion is designed to minimize the common problem of red iron oxide adherence on to the work.

Product Features

  • Easy additions with Liquid Product
  • Economical dark black appearance
  • Temperature 282 to 290 F (139 – 143 C)
  • Military Spec MIL C 13924, Mil C 46110
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • Excellent for paint adhesion
  • No build up on threaded parts
  • Wear-in Break-in function
  • Forms Magnetite Fe3O4
  • No dimensional change

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