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Dow Nickel Gleam BR 220

Nickel Gleam BR 220 is a bright nickel plating process. It was developed to meet the high performance requirements demanded by the bright nickel plater and may be used as the to layer of a duplex nickel system where maximum corrosion protection of the substrate is required.

Product Features

  • Deposit has exceptional brightness and leveling over a wide current density range
  • Deposit has excellent ductility and chromium acceptance
  • Nickel Gleam BR 220 can be plated over many suitably prepared surfaces, but it is not recommended for the plating of zinc die castings where the parts fall or blind areas of the casting may contaminate the solution with zinc
  • May be used with air agitation or mechanical agitation when used with the appropriate anti-pitting agent
  • The optional use of the Nickel Gleam BR 220 Replenisher greatly simplifies the operation of the process

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