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Dow Niculoy 22-1

Niculoy 22-1 deposits an alloy of nickel, copper, and phosphorus onto metallic and nonconductive substrates.

The alloy has a unique combination of properties-Brightness, deposits are extremely bright, smooth and reflective with an appearance approaching that of bright nickel electroplate. Corrosion resistance is extremely high, e.g. a one mil coating thickness on mild steel will withstand 240 hours salt spray testing without breakdown. Ductility, flexural capacity exceeds that of any other known electroless nickel deposit. Hardness as plated is 600 Vickers and heat treatment at 399°¼C (750°¼F) maximizes hardness at more than 1,000 Vickers. Wear resistance and acid resistance are also very high while the deposit is virtually non-magnetic.

Because of its versatility, the Niculoy 22-1 alloy as found special applications in areas of high technology such as computer memory discs, high technology such as computer memory discs, high accuracy metal optics and molding tools.

Product Features

  • Simple operate-for make-up mix 2 concentrates with water and heat to operating temperature; no pH adjustments or other time-consuming factors are required; replenishers are added directly to the working bath at operating temperature
  • Ease-of control-replenishment is based on nickel content and replenishers maintain bath concentration and pH
  • Fast and consistent plating rate-approximately 0.5 mils consistently deposited per hour at 88-93°¼C (190-200°¼F) when operated according to instructions

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