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Dow Pallamet 500 Palladium-Nickel

The Pallamet 500 Palladium-Nickel Electrolyte produces bright, ductile palladium-nickel deposits of approximately 80% Pd/20% Ni from a sulfate-based (chloride-free) system. The nearly neutral pH of the plating solution can be run at higher temperatures and lower palladium concentrations, improving the properties of the deposit and stable bath operation.

The palladium-nickel deposits produced from the Pallamet 500 Palladium-Nickel electrolyte demonstrate low internal stress and exhibit low porosity. Pallamet 500 Palladium-Nickel plating solution can be utilized for reel-to-reel applications with different cell designs (i.e. control depth, spot tool).

Product Features

  • Near neutral pH, sulfate bath eliminates costly equipment/anode requirements
  • Stable alloy composition over wide range of current density and plating conditions
  • Simple analytical procedures for all bath components
  • Excellent ductility and low internal stress
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Low, stable contact resistance when used with a thin gold flash topcoat

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