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Dow Photoposit SN 68H Photoresist

Link to Dow Photoposit SN 68H PhotoPhotoposit SN 68H Photoresist, developed to address industry demands for a robust, high-yielding, fine-line, low-cost photoresist that can be utilized in today’s manual and automatic exposure equipment at optimum productivity levels. Photoposit SN 68H Photoresist has been optimized for use on double-sided roller coaters and is supplied at a viscosity appropriate for roller coating.

The dried resist film is stackable, has a fast photospeed and has the desired flexibility and durability to allow for easy handling. Photoposit SN 68H Photoresist is most sensitive in the 365 nm region. The resist is developed in convectional conveyorized spray equipment using REsolve Developer 9033. It is compatible with conventional acid etchants and is easily stripped with SURFACEstrip 448 Resist Stripper.

Product Features

  • Unmatched resistance to mechanical and handling damage
  • Fast photospeed-exposure time as low as 2 seconds
  • 28 hours of stackability
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acid-based etchants
  • Excellent coating rheology
  • Improved yield
  • Resolution capability 25 micron lines and spaces
  • Significant savings over dry film
  • Reduced labor and waste costs
  • No tack at exposure
  • Extremely wide processing window
  • Very high resolution capability
  • Low foaming. Little, or no need for the addition of antifoam

Link to Dow Photoposit SN 68H Photoresist