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Dow Preposit Etch 748

For use in the Circuposit 3000 Process.

Preposit Etch 748 is a mildly-acidic micro-etch that promotes excellent copper innerlayer adhesion. Unlike other persulfate-based micro-etch systems, baths prepared from Preposit Etch 748 are stable and active for considerably longer periods of time with consistent etch rates.

Product Features

  • Uniform micro-etch characteristics assure maximum innerlayer adhesion
  • Produces a matte pink finish with high surface area to enhance bond
  • Improved bath stability-active bath life measured in weeks, rather than days
  • Consistent and controlled etch rates
  • No ammonium ions means simple waste treatment
  • Replenishable through A.O.C. (Active Oxygen Content) analysis
  • Room temperature operation
  • No surface scum as with ammonium persulfate etchants
  • Solution life up to 4 times ammonium persulfate etchants

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