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Equipment/Cleaner 20

EQUIPMENT/Cleaner 20 is a highly concentrated detergent designed specifically to remove chemical scale, hard water scale, dry film and LPISM residue, and anti-foam residue from automated developing and resist stripping equipment. It is employed at a concentration of 5-10% and recirculated through the manifold plumbing to assure removal of residue in hard to reach areas including unplugging and descaling nozzles.

When employed regularly as a means of preventative maintenance, EQUIPMENT/Cleaner 20 assures cleaner, more efficient developing and resist stripping and will reduce the discoloration of equipment due to dyes used in typical photopolymers.


Performance Features

  • EQUIPMENT/Cleaner 20 is extremely concentrated and is thus economical to use. With routing application, EQUIPMENT/Cleaner 20 can save hours of labor associated with manual cleaning and nozzle replacement.
  • EQUIPMENT/Cleaner 20 is effective at removing chemical and hard water scale, photopolymer and resist residue, and anti-foam residue in a single application.
  • EQUIPMENT/Cleaner 20 is compatible with most types of equipment and will not attack or soften elastomers.
  • EQUIPMENT/Cleaner 20 was formulated to be compatible with PC-Series Developer Concentrates and POLY/Solv RS-Series Resist Stripper Concentrates. After cleaning equipment sumps do not require rinsing prior to employing these chemistries.


Equipment/Cleaner 20