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RE/Gen CC-45

RE/Gen CC-45 is a concentrated, buffered sodium chlorate solution designed to economically and safely regenerate cupric chloride etching systems. The use of sodium chlorate versus chlorine gas as the regenerative oxidizer, provides several safety advantages; most important of which is the elimination of chlorine gas storage. Additionally, sodium chlorate final etching systems can be operated at comparable speeds while improving the undercut or etch factor, compared to traditional chlorine gas system. Being a concentrated liquid, CC-45 is easier to handle than dry sodium chlorate and was designed for replenishment systems which employ an ORP controller, specific gravity controller, and specific ion electrode.


Performance Features

  • CC-45 eliminates the need for chlorine gas storage, and when operated properly, reduces the risk of chlorine gas exposure.
  • Cupric chloride etching solutions regenerated with CC-45 can be operated at comparable speeds to chlorine gas systems.
  • In most processes, RE/Gen CC-45 is a drop-in replacement for chlorine gas, requiring only minor equipment modification.


RE/Gen CC-45