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RE/Gen CC-40

RE/Gen CC-40 is a concentrated, stabilized, and buffered sodium chlorate solution designed to economically and safely regenerate cupric chloride etching systems utilizing the VIS-U-ETCH system and a secondary specific gravity control. The specific gravity controller utilizes water from the cupric etchant post rinse, thereby reducing rinse water volume requiring waste treatment. The use of sodium chlorate versus chlorine gas as the regenerative oxidizer, provides several safety advantages; most important of which is the elimination of chlorine gas storage and reduced potential for chlorine gas generation during replenishment.

Performance Features

  • RE-Gen CC-40 can be used in conjunction with standard ORP control systems, or with the VIS-U-ETCH combined with a specific gravity controller.
  • RE/Gen CC-40, when used as directed with the VIS-U-ETCH system, yields a working bath that operates at low acid (less than 0.04 N) improving edge factor, and copper concentration of 230 g/L (30 opg), which reduces the volume of bleed.
  • RE/Gen CC-40 eliminates the need for chlorine gas storage, and when operated properly, significantly reduces the risk of generating chlorine gas.
  • In most processes, RE/Gen CC-40 is a drop-in replacement for chlorine gas systems.


RE/Gen CC-40