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Metal Chem Meta-Treat EN

Meta-Treat EN is a waste treatment additive for spent Metal-Chem Inc. electroless nickel solutions. This process reduces nickel metal levels from 6,000 ppm to below 5 ppm in 2-4 hours without creating sludge. The Meta-Treat EN process is simple, inexpensive and can be carried out in your EN tank thus eliminating the need to invest in costly waste treatment equipment.

The Meta-treat EN process eliminates serious liability risks EN platers assume when they have their spent solutions hauled away for treatment or ‰recycling. The Meta-Treat EN process is designed for use on all Metal Chem Electroless Nickel Plating baths.

Product Features

  • Effective removal of nickel
  • Quick and easy to implement
  • Treatment right in EN tank
  • Does not create a sludge
  • No hauling of spent baths

Link to Metal Chem Meta-Treat EN TDS