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SurTec 555 S

Surtec 555 S can be applied in immersion and spray process. It is applicable for all kinds of passivation and gives superior appearance. Surtec 555 S is suitable for trivalent blue passivation, chromiting and trivalent black passivation, as well as for hexavalent yellow and olive chromates.



Product Features

  • Liquid dispersion of organic polymers and nanoparticles of silicon dioxide
  • Free of chromates
  • Produces a clear film
  • Heat resistant corrosion protection up to 24 hours at 120 Degrees Celcius.
  • Improves the corrosion protection by 100-200 h neutral salt spray, with respect to the used passivation treatment
  • Can be removed with the help of hot alkaline SurTec cleaners
  • Volvo-standard (soluble hexavalent chromium) is guaranteed, also by use of hexavalent chromatings
  • The usage of SurTec 550 A Sealer Additive for adjusting the pH-value suppresses a darkening of the last draining drop, increases the corrosion resistance and improves the uniform layer formation.

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