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Seacole’s Deicing Products for Icy Weather

Every fall, commercial property owners and managers are caught unprepared for icy conditions. Here are Seacole’s solutions for your deicing challenges. 

Calcium Chloride-Based Ice Melt

Seacole’s EZ Spread Ice Melt is a fast, effective calcium chloride-based ice melt conveniently packaged in a safety-oriented, 10-pound dispensing bag. Eliminate heavy lifting and safely dispense ice melt with one hand. EZ Spread Ice Melt is easy to store and used by Industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and homeowners. Keep a few 10 lb. tubes in the trunk of your vehicle for a little extra weight and traction if you become stuck on an icy roadway.  It is effective to -25° F.

OPTION 1: 160 individual bags packed in a supersack on a pallet

  • Seacole Item Number: ACALXXX-010-002
  • Package Size: 10 lb bag, 160 bags per pallet

OPTION 2: 40 cases (4 bags per case)

  • Seacole Item Number: ACALXXX-010-003
  • Package Size: 10 lb bag, packed in 40 cases/pallet

Watch the EZ Spread 10-pound dispensing bag in action:  


Need an unconventional solution?  Spray, Don’t Spread.

When conventional ice melt products won’t work on vertical surfaces, metal ramps, grated stairways, and outside structures and equipment, Seacole offers an innovative solution:  PA Liquid Deicer. Seacole proudly serves both Class 1 and Short-Line Railroads with this product to deice switching levers on rails and to provide safe working conditions for metal grated stairways on locomotives and around rail yards.

Seacole also sells this product to municipalities to keep entryways of public buildings safe while not damaging the landscaping. PA Liquid Deicer will not harm plants or grasses. Hospitals, schools, and Senior-Living Facilities are other prime locations to use this product.

PA Liquid DeIcer offers built-in corrosion inhibitors for use on metal structures/equipment and provides the ability to pre-apply before a snowfall or icy conditions for maximum performance. Seacole recommends applying PA Liquid Deicer at a rate of three gallons per 1,000 square feet. This product is easily applied with any standard wand sprayer system, and is effective to temperatures of -40° F. 

OPTION 1: Package Size: (4) One-gallon jugs per case

  • Seacole Item Number: A002100-001-001 (Minimum order = 6 cases.)

OPTION 2: Package Size: 55-Gallon Drum

  • Seacole Item Number: A002100-055-001 (Minimum order = 1 drum.)

This winter, keep busy work areas. walk ways, and equipment safe. Choose a Seacole deicer for effective and safe ice melting, even in sub-zero weather. Contact Seacole today to place your order.