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Dow Solderon MHS-W

Solderon MHS-W is a high-speed, non-foaming electroplating process for the rapid deposition of fine grain, matte tin and tin-lead alloy coatings from an organic sulfonate electrolyte. The process is particularly designed for use in reel-to-reel wire plating equipment where foaming of the electrolyte is undesirable and can cause severe handling problems.

The components of the Solderon MHS-W are stable and soluble in the electrolyte at elevated temperatures, which allows for operation at higher cathodic current densities of operation. Uniform pure tin and tin-lead alloy deposits, which exhibit excellent solderability and fusing characteristics, are obtainable over a wide current density range.

Product Features

  • Based on biodegradable acid, effluent treatment can be readily achieved with standard neutralization and filtration procedures
  • Non-foaming electrolyte
  • Non-fluoborate
  • High achievable deposition rates
  • Excellent thickness distribution and alloy stability over a wide current density range.

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