See You at the 2018 Minnesota Paint & Powder Coating Expo! | Seacole

See You at the 2018 Minnesota Paint & Powder Coating Expo!

Seacole and Hubbard-Hall

Are you ready for two action-packed days of all things paint and powder coating? The Seacole team is! Seacole is participating and exhibiting at the annual Minnesota Paint & Powder Coating Expo in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. Whether you’re a supplier, plant manager, IT support, or technician, there’s something for you at the 2018 Minnesota Paint & Powder Coating Expo.

Day One: A Symposium on the Industrial Internet of Things

You’ve likely heard of the Internet of Things (IoT)—the network of billions of devices that are connected to the Internet. Your smartphone, fitness watch, and smart speaker are all part of the IoT.

But did you know an Industrial IoT exists, too? This network of connected devices drive the automatic braking system in your car, connect patient monitoring systems in hospitals, and now, automate your manufacturing plant.

On March 14, attend the symposium on the Industrial IoT to learn how a connected plant can help you monitor inventory and processes and collect, analyze, and act on data—all without direction or intervention from humans. We’re particularly looking forward to learning how to protect the data the Industrial IoT creates.

Day One: Painter Training

We’re also excited about the virtual painter training offered on day one. The class trains participants in the best practices of spray application and technique to increase productivity and reduce errors and rework. We’ll be working with virtual reality spray equipment, which is pretty neat, too.

Day Two: Classes & Vendor Show

Day two offers nine classes on paint and powder coating pretreatment, equipment, and materials. We’re looking forward to “Media Blast or Acid Pickle: Removing Laser Edge and Weld Scale” and “Post-Addable Powder Coating Additive Technology.”

After a morning of classes, don’t forget to visit the Seacole booth at the vendor show!

Surface Finishing Products We’ll Feature

We’re splitting our booth with manufacturing partner Hubbard-Hall. We’ll feature a few of their paint and powder coating products, including Aquapure industrial wastewater treatment, Aquastrip industrial paint stripper, Emerald paint prep, and Metal Guard rust preventative.

We hope to see you at the 2018 Minnesota Paint & Powder Coating Expo! For help sourcing and formulating chemistries for your paint or powder coating operation, contact Seacole today.